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Bluetooth Headphones, ZENBRE E4 Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo In-Ear Earbuds, Wireless Headset A-alloy and Secure Ear Hooks Noise Isolating with Enhanced Bass

  1. 【Smart Magnet Design】 A smart magnet design to turn on by apart and turn off by attracting. A-alloy metallic housing enable this tiny earphones a strong body, which ensure the sound quality and durability. In addition, re-oxidation technology enhanced surface protecting, will not easily be scratched. It is just so easy as simple way!
  2. 【Advanced BLUETOOTH 4.1, Qualified CSR8635】BLUETOOTH 4.1, ensures a lightning connection, and a clear signal when talking to phone or listening music. Easy to pair to all Bluetooth devices with universal compatibility. Furthermore, the V4.1 offers an extending life to its battery.
  3. 【Stereo Sound, Noise Cancelling】A great BUSINESS PARTNER, noise isolating earphones even when you are on the road or in airport lobby, just focusing on what you talking and what you thinking. Enhanced signal, you will found even at 50 feet, still hang with the connection! A great MUSIC PARTNER, stereo sound performance move the theater around your ears, would like a symphony, prefer a melodized rhythm? Yes, they will be satisfied! Noise cancelling headphones, perfect for music enjoying!
  4. 【Secure Hook, Sport Partner】SPORT PARTNER, soft rubber cable connects two earbuds and comfortable when around your neck. Multiple option for various size of rubber sleeves and ear hooks, just select one which fit your ears perfectly! The sweat proof feature ensures ear phones will not stick on skin, more comfortable when jogging and any other sports!
  5. 【Reliable Battery Life】AWESOME BATTERY LIFE - The new and improved lithium polymer battery allows continuous enjoyment of music for up to 5 hours and 160 hours stand-by.

    1. Product Dimensions: 5 x 3.6 x 2.1 inches
    2. Boxed-product Weight: 7.2 ounces
    3. UPC:717850112318
    1. Smart Magnet Design with re-oxidation technology

      Simple and easy to take
      Great sound quality and durability
      Not easily be scratched
    2. Soft Rubber Ear hooks, Great Sport Partner

      Extremely light weight
      Designed to fit more snugly
      Uneasy to fall
      More comfortable when excising

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Much better than advertised

I was looking for a replacement for my old pair and after comparing many different earbuds I ended up with these

They are very nice headphones and the quality is amazimg for the price, they are metal with a slight bronze tint, i didnt want anything that stands out but these are discreet but also look very nice.

The sound is very good with a very good amount of bass, the lows, mids, and highs are all clear no matter the volume you listen with. Even at the lowest volume all the details in my music I can hear.

I was worried about the magnetic on and off feature as my headphones are always moving from bags to pockets etc. But it works very well, as soon as they join its on standby and you save battery and then you can go listening to music again. The connection is very good and also the earbuds fit nicely and if you want they can block out a lot of outside noise

Overall very pleased with the product and the way it is advertised doesnt do it justice, it feels and looks a lot more expensive than it actually is and at this price you will find it hard to get a nicer sounding pair of earbuds.

Arrived early and the box had a very nice premium feel to it

Arrived early and the box had a very nice premium feel to it. They worked straight out of the box and connected to my phone straight away with no problems. The sound is quite good with a little distortion at the louder volumes but isnt very noticeable. The Bluetooth connects me from across the house and never drops out when I have my phone with me or close and the battery lasts me nearly all day but I do listen to music nearly all the time. The buds also attach to each other magnetically when you have them around your neck which means youd never lose them plus they turn off automatically when magnetically attached in order to conserve power. Overall quite a good set of earphones for the price tag.

BRILLIANT. top quality, great earhooks that feel secure, and magnectic earpiece to secure them ar...

Outstanding quality Bluetooth headphones, these are by FAR the best i have, they come in a quality box, the headphones feel great and the earpiece fits absolutely perfect, i cant emphasise how good the fit is, the ear hook sits inside the arch of your ear and feels great.
They also have a magnetic backing so you can click these together around your neck when not in use and this also turns them off...BRILLIANT.

Love them and ive given the rest of my headphones to family.

★ Why customers love us ★

Why customers love us

818 reviews


Excelent Headphones

I was looking for some budget headphones that sound great and I can truly say that I found them here!
I really didn't expect them to be this good. I am the kind of person that cares very much about the audio quality of the headphones and these ones do not disappoint me. No matter if I connect them through Bluetooth ( which by the way is very fast ) or through the 3.5mm jack cable, the sound that the Zenbre H6 delivers is clear, loud and high quality. The sound cancellation is a plus here.
The customer support is also great. Every time I had an issue they have responded kindly in the shortest time possible ( it took them no longer than 12 hours, but sometimes they responded even in minutes ).

To conclude I would say that I totally recommend these headphones. They are of great value for the money you pay.

These are So Loud.

Needed a good pair of speakers for the summer , as there alot of pool and beach parties coming up. But also needed something loud and small. Trust me these things are so loud without compromising the quality of the audio ! The water proofing is sound as I have used them in the shower and the Bluetooth is super easy to connect. Thinking of getting a second one for my bf when he is off for a few days.

Everything is great!

Easy to connect with all my devices. Strong magnet is one nice feature which makes it different from other bluetooth speakers. Long battery life and good sound quality. It is highly recommened to purchase.

Better than expected.

Easy to connect, great sound and appearance is of a high quality. Comfortable fit. I am very pleased with these headphones. The fact that they are foldable and come with a case for safe packing and carrying made them just what I wanted. Really much better that I expected.