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ZENBRE Bluetooth Speakers, D6 Bluetooth 4.1 Waterproof IPX6 with 18h Play-time, 10W Dual Driver with Bass Resonator, Handsfree Calling, Shockproof Portable Speaker(Green)

Altoparlanti Bluetooth portatili, ZENBRE D6 Bluetooth 4.1 IPX6 impermeabile con 18 ore di Riproduzione, 10W Dual Driver con Bass Resonator,Suono super-forte,Chiamata vivavoce(Verde)

UPC: 717850112165

  1. 【Bright Sound, 5W/45mm Driver】Stereo bright sound with double 5W/45mm driver and dual resonator makes the incredible audio performance, high definition boost your listening experience.
  2. 【IPX6 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker】With an IPX6 certified waterproof rating, ZENBRE D6 is protected from rainfall, splashing. Its rugged exterior and impact-resistant frame make it ready for hiking, sporting, traveling, even on beach and everywhere what you like a waterproof speaker. An ultra-compact design type, fully portable not only could be placed indoor, but also could be hold in your palm hook at bag or bicycle, which enable to enjoy your time outdoor!
  3. 【Bluetooth 4.1, Lightning Connection,Power-Saving, Compatible Echo Dot】Portable Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth 4.1. Advanced Bluetooth tech offers an extended 33ft range (outside) so you can take your phone further without losing connection and make hands-free calls with the built-in mic.The high speed ensures the connection less than 3s. Furthermore, allow speaker automatically connect with last device. A 3.5mm audio cable for multi connection way. Less limit, More enjoy!
  4. 【18h Play-time, Durable Li-Polymer battery】 A Li-Polymer battery capacity, make sure at least 18h Play-time from the built-in, high-capacity polymer battery.
  5. 【Universal Compatibility, Sync Echo Dot】An universal compatibility enable D6 not cnc with Android、IOS, Windows, cell phone, tablet,laptop, computer and PC, Abut also with any other Bluetooth device which include extra Bluetooth receiver dongle and Eho Dot.

    1. Product Dimensions: 15 x 4.3 x 6.3 cm ; 286 g
    2. Boxed-product Weight: 481 g
    1. Excellent Audio Performance

      Optimized audio performance more fit to outdoor listening environments. The powerful speaker unit provides bright, long-range audio with enhanced sub-woofer. While in door creates rich sound with deep, full bass.
    2. Fast connect, Simple Play back

      Portable feature not only could be placed indoor, but also could be packed in your bag, hook at our bicycle, which enable to enjoy your time outdoor, perfect play as camping speaker, hiking speaker with a nice quality clip. Built in 1000mAh Li-Polymer battery could support at least continuous 6 hours. With Bluetooth connection, available for 33 feet to phones, tablet, laptop, PC and any other Bluetooth devices, etc.
    3. Waterproof, Shockproof

      With an IPX6 certified waterproof rating, ZENBRE D6 is protected from rainfall, splashing. Its rugged exterior and impact-resistant frame make it ready for hiking, sporting, traveling and on beach as well!

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

I Like it.

Great value speaker

Great product, so much base its vibrates of the table, I purchased this at a discount but still well worth the original price of 26.99 glad i didnt pay for some of the mor exspensive ones on the market nowadays.

99 4/5 Stars because the battery isnt the best lasts around 1/2 hours

Sound is average. Bass is there. Due to its good build quality and waterproofness I rate it 4 stars. Buy this when it's on lightening deals. I got it for for 12 quid. ??????

Small with a big punch.

Packs a hefty punch for a small speaker. Was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this speaker and ease of setting it up.

Nice sound for a small speaker

I'd been looking for a little while at getting another Bluetooth speaker. I had a brilliant Sony XB20 speaker but decided I need a cheaper one for using in my bathroom. I managed to get this on sale for the bargain price of ?10.70 and it's definitely worth the money! At that price point I'm confident you couldn't get a better speaker than this.

Very lightweight.
Good battery life.
Waterproof to IPX6.
Decent sound quality and volume.
It'll play music whilst being charged.
3.5mm input.
Connects quickly with Bluetooth.

Bass or loud volume will vibrate and move the speaker (because it's lightweight).
The cover for the connections is tight and awkward to remove.
The buttons on the top can be hard to see as they're black like the top is, but raised rubber.
Tapping the + or - buttons changes the track and long press changes the volume (I prefer the other way round).
There's no scale for the volume you've selected, you only know you've hit maximum when it beeps.
It lacks the 'wow' sound factor of my Sony XB20 and other more expensive speakers (but this is to be expected and might be unfair to mention!).

Bottom line - This is a good budget speaker.

PS don't make the same mistake as I did initially and face the speaker backwards! The loop should be on your left as in the photos...

★ Why customers love us ★

Why customers love us

242 reviews
Bass is amazing

This speaker is great, it has a great sound and a deep meaningful bass, that can be adjusted from the eq button. I had to give 4 stars though as I didn't realise how big and hefty this was. It's not huge, but it's not ideal for tralleving as such. Also, the volume buttons are rarther stiff. I also feel it could have been a little louder, but that's coming from a festival and raver. Overall good speaker, thanks

Excellent Value

Excellent value speaker however the startup and shutdown audio is crackly and hissy and when connect playing audio from an iPhone SE (latest IOS) the sound crackles and hisses also when at lower volumes.

I Like it.


Sorry but i have not received anything yet

Five Stars

This Bluetooth speaker is really easy to use.I was able to connect it to my phone without breaking a sweat.It does sound great,too.I'd recommend this to my friends.